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Alpha kappa rho by-laws

AKRHO 1972

On October 1, 1971 Delta Kappa Rho was founded, but on August 8 1972 Delta Kappa Rho was changed by the name of ALPHA KAPPA RHO ordered by the mother chapter,On July 18,1973 the "junior AKRHO" was founded by Jun Pasaporte and by Boy Chua Supreme founder 1972,serve as junior AKRHO inter collegiate fraternity/sorrority. Alpha Kappa Rho 1973 (junior) is founded by Jun Pasaporte and his Delta Kappa Rho on August 8,1973.

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History of AKRHO 1973

Alpha Kappa Rho Fraternity & Sorority exists to create a bridge between all men & women committed to seeking the social advancement of under-represented populations . The organization was founded on 1969 by anuel"Boy"Chua,William Ho,Roger Sarmiento,Jusilito"Noli"Manalo and Jun Passaporte with the name Delta Kappa Rho and was constituted on the said date but was change into a body known as the ALPHA KAPPA RHO on august 8,1973. The seed of the organization has been planted and the need became clear for a formal structure to contain the mutual feelings among members. The SKEPTRON SOCIETY has always been and always will be an organization steeped in the traditions of the past and dedicated to the pursuit of Brotherhood & Sisterhood. The organization is made up of men & women from all cultures, religious backgrounds and interests, it has spread through out the archipelago and through out the world. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, disability, creed, political beliefs, sexual preference, etc. We maintain loyalty, and unity, while we strive for patience, perseverance and pride.

6 Founder of Alpha Kappa Rho

Jun Pasaporte Boy Chua William Ho Roger Sarmiento Joselito Manalo Sonny Baluyo





To maintain peace and kill Tau Gamma people.


Alive we shall keep the burning fire as an AKRHO.

Omnia Dencit Veritas (Truth conquers all)

Vincit Omnio Veritas (APO Master)

Vincit Delta Veritas ( A leader is always a leader)

I born, I live, I die as an AKRHO.

To die is to rest but AKRHO is the best. If you want peace ,I'll Give you a peace, If you want war,I'll give you 'war' funeral. 

Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

1. Maging tapat sa isa't- isa. 2. Magalang sa kapatid na nakakataas. 3. Makihalo sa anumang pulong sa samahang Akrho. 4. Batiin at damayan ang bawat na nakasalubong na kapatid. 5. tumulong at makisama sa bawa't problema ng samahan. 6. Walang idadamay na kapatid sa oras na masabit ang bawat isa sa anumang pagkakamali ng bawat isa. 7. sama-sama makilahok sa anumang gulo ng miyembro. 8. Walang mag-aahas o magtaksil sa samahang Akrho. 



I (__________) hereby pledge to abide the constitution and by laws of Grand Skeptron committee and I do solemnly swear, to keep and preserve the good name of ALPHA KAPPA RHO PHILLIPINES.

It's better to lives as a neo, Than to live as a quiter, Stick to fight the hardest Hit when then get worst I must not quit.

Hereby and Loyalty


Mother Chapter -University of Santo Tomas

Father Chapter - University of the East

Motto of Senior Akrho -I born,I live I die as an AKRHO, Kill all triskelion

Motto of Junior Akrho - Once a SKEPTRON, Always a SKEPTRON Once a leader, Always a leader

Neophyte Pledge - Better to live as a Neo, than to live as quitter.

Preamble - Vincit Omnia Veritas

13 Doctrines of Alpha Kappa Rho

A - live we shall keep the burning fire of our brotherhood

L - ove shall be our strength

P - ower we shall posses

H - onor we shall give to our fraternity

A - llegiance we pledge

K - eep and preserve the good name of Alpha Kappa Rho

A - lways we shall defend the name of our fraternity

P - owerful and influential we shall be

P - urity and policy we shall be

A - id and assistance shall give to our fraternity

R - eputation we promise to keep attained

H - umble and humane we shall be

O - nward to success still our own struggle crown with victory and glory

Pledge of Akrho

Pledge of Akrho

We the sovereign members of Alpha Kappa Rho (name of the chapter). Imploring the aid of the devine providence in order to build a just and humane society and establish Alpha Kappa Rho that shall embody our ideas and aspirations to promote to our selves Service, Love, Brotherhood that will foster Truth, Peace, Equality, and unity among us that will lead directly to welfare of our Fraternity, Sorority, Family, Community, and Country do ordain and promulgate this Constitution and by Laws. So help me God…

Preamble of Akrho We, the members of Alpha Kappa Rho (Skeptron Society) condoles the need of establishing and embody our ideas, promote our welfare, develop and conserve the spirit and practice of a good citizenship in accordance with the new society, establish a closer relationship between the students of different schools throughout the world, secure our selves the solemn and humiliation of goodness and equality of a lasting unity and cooperation do hereby adopt, promulgate and dedicate this constitution.